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Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.There could be many reasons why you would choose to sell your hard earned air miles or reward points. Perhaps you need a little extra cash to help with expenses, or perhaps you have more airmiles than you can use. You might be a small business owner with a continues supply of reward points from your expense accounts or you may just simply discover that your airline reward program simply never has the availability you need.


Miles4Cash is an established business offering a service to collectors of all airmiles, reward points and other loyalty program benefits.


Our service is aimed at individual and corporates alike and we are able to make an offer on your hard earned rewards no matter which program they are earned in.


Our philosophy here at Miles4Cash is to set your earnings free. Why should you be confined to the restrictions of the particular reward program. It is the unfortunate truth that the majority of program reward points go unused or expire before the account holder has a chance to earn enough to meaningfully use them. Our belief, is that whilst we are able to find a use for these excess points they can be transformed into an asset of value for you.


Imagine you plan a vacation using your hard earned air mile rewards only to discover that your airline offers no availability on the dates/routes you want. These reward points are effectively worthless to you. However, if you fill out a short get a quote form, you could receive cash for these points to be used towards your perfect trip.


Miles4Cash is your discrete mileage broker who acts as middleman to pass on reward points to those that can make use of them whilst allowing mileage holders to realise value from their assets.